1. Introduction to the Seven (1.4MB pdf)

2. Ordering Specifications (3.8MB pdf)

2a. Package Contents

2b. Engine Specifications

3. Basic Assembly Hints (2.36MB pdf)

4. Assembly of Front Uprights (1.8MB pdf)

5. Assembly of Front Suspension - Live Axle (1.5MB pdf)

5a. Assembly of Front Suspension - deDion (3.6MB pdf)

6. Assembly of Steering (1.95MB pdf)

7. Assembly of deDion Rear Suspension (4.7MB pdf)

8. Assembly of Live Axle Rear Suspension (1.5MB pdf)

9. Miscellaneous Kit (3MB pdf)

0.   Installation of Engine and Gearbox - Ford (6.5MB pdf)

10a.  Installation of Engine and Gearbox - Vx Injection (6MB pdf)


10b.  Installation of Engine and Gearbox - Vx Carb (2MB pdf)

10c.  Installation of Engine and Gearbox - Rover ‘K’ Series (3.4MB pdf)

11. Lighting Kit (2.3MB pdf)

12. Interior Kit (1.25MB pdf)

13. Weather Equipment (2.6MB pdf)

14. Extras (6.2MB pdf)

15. Registration Procedure (635kB pdf)

16. Preparation for Competition (3.8MB pdf)

Appendix A - Final Checks (4.5MB pdf)

Appendix B - Wiring Diagrams and Fusebox Layout (11.7MB pdf)

Appendix C - Post Build Check (260kB pdf)

Appendix D - Use of Bilstein Dampers (237kB pdf)


1995 S3 Build Notes and Info

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